Fighting the Battle for Mother Earth

“We are in the Golden Age of green energy right now,” according to Chuck Lewin of “New Generation Energy,”  a non-profit  corporation which helps to finance green energy projects.  Mr. Lewin’s prediction is that “In thirty years…renewable technologies will become the ‘established’ choice.” Continuing in this vain Chuck Lewin adds, “Internal combustion engines will be headed for the museum.”

Now is the time America is waking up to the need to fight the battle for clean, green energy.  The battles are big, and their importance cannot be underestimated. Some like Chuck Lewin might even say that the global balance is now in the balance.

New Generation Energy, NGE, was founded in 2006 and views its mission as being a driving force in making communities healthier and green energy technologies and products, like solar, wind, and others, more viable and cost effective.

Northern India

Visited on a regular basis the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production sites at regular intervals visited the carpet wholesaler Mischioff world’s various production facilities that are working well for the Swiss company. On-site, discuss those new collections and clarify what fresh designs implemented in the production can be. Also in this spring, a trip was on the agenda of Dani Misio, who manages the Affairs of the Mischioff AG together with his brother Sascha for Nepal and India. The new autumn and winter collection is already running at full speed; in October, customers can admire the carpets on the news week. The brothers Misio guide the Swiss family-owned company Mischioff AG ( already in the third generation. You are through their innovative and trendy design concepts instrumental for the high quality and individual Designteppiche of the company. All Mischioff are hand-knotted carpets and consist wholly of best natural materials.

In May of this year, Dani Misio attended the own factories in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Northern India for a week. The trip was the close cooperation with the producers of existing jobs and the planning for the new autumn and winter collection. Other important points were the monitoring of compliance with the quality standards, the inspection of the production conditions and the implementation of the self-imposed corporate philosophy to fair trade and environmental aspects. New autumn and winter collection goes into production Dani Misio is gone with a lot of new ideas and designs on the trip: I have can make me an impressive picture, which our new ideas to translate and which colours and materials we use for the new collections. My visit is also important so that I can convince myself yourself on-site about the working conditions of the employees in our factories. Protection of the environment and the idea of fair trade we are very close to the heart.

Thomas Schneider

No, moreover we are thanks to our business contacts with many logistics companies from all over Germany in a vital experience and know-how transfer. My staff and I are highly sensitized to the issue of logistics security.” Since it have nearby, said Thomas Schneider, to dedicate an own portal in the Internet security in logistics. Almost every industry shows in this way now”online presence, the imaginative entrepreneurs from Sarstedt admits. So it was at the time also for companies to offer such a thing, that dealing in the broadest sense with logistics and special importance of security aspect.” “” Plays for the acquisition of firm size is no role in the concept of logistics “of course a wide field: by forwarding to the oil company we welcome all”, Thomas promises Schneider. The size of the individual company does not matter for us. It is important that the companies can adequately document their expertise in the field of logistics and security.’ appropriate’ what is mean? Press reports, for example, leads Thomas Schneider as an example.

But also articles, short essays or similar documentation can be published on And that in turn support the acquisition of the companies that presented their range on this new portal. Because not wrongly, Thomas Schneider recalls that the acquisition in the Internet follows different rules than in the real, tangible world: in the online acquisition it matters above all, to be able to build up the status of an expert or a specialist company and especially as a single contractor. What is the reverse? It’s not enough just to say: Yes, we can make a highly professional contribution to safety in logistics. You want the acquisition in the Internet successfully to end bring, you can substantiate this claim also convincingly.” , Thomas Schneider explained from his own experience, articles are extremely beneficial just this target on the Internet.

Services Trade Pact Republic

“” Service trade pact between the two sides of the Taiwan Street nearing completion the Mainland Affairs Council “of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (MAC) announced on May 27, 2013, that Taiwan and mainland China shortly before the signing of a trade agreement on services in the wake of the cross-straits economic cooperation framework agreement” (ECFA), would be. “This Pact is the first directly related to the ECFA and the General Agreement on trade in services of the World Trade Organization” be standing, free trade agreement between Taiwan and mainland China. Signed this important Pact gives a strong message that Taiwan seeks a further liberalisation of the trade of the world. “It is also the way for Taiwan, a more important role in regional economic agreements, such as the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “, to take. The Minister of the MAC, Wang Yu-chi, made these remarks during a press conference in Taipei City and gave details about the progress of negotiations known between the two sides. The agreement will deepen the trust between Taipei and Beijing and strengthen relations with each side of the Taiwan Strait. It will also pave the way for smooth negotiations of other pacts, such as, for example, agreement for trade in services and dispute resolution.

According to the MAC, the negotiations for the agreement were recorded in February 2011. There were already ten meetings between organization representatives of both sides in the past two years. “The signing of the Pact, which now represents the 19th between Beijing and Taiwan, is expected in mainland China during the 9th round of talks between officials of the Taiwanese Straits Exchange Foundation” and the mainland Chinese side, the Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits “, take place. Trust worthy sources according to it says that Taiwan and mainland China are mutually 55 and 65 sectors, respectively, are open. It is expected that the agreement the domestic investment in Taiwan 2.97% or US$ 1.5 billion will increase.

Levi Strauss

In South Korea, 2012 was clothing under the categories with the highest sale rates and grew to a single-digit percentage. This is slightly slower than the total B2C E-commerce market in this area, which indicates a saturation. In China, fashion items and accessories achieved the largest range at Onlineshoppern, where three quarters of the female buyer and a high two-digit percentage were male. E-commerce sales of clothing rose 2012 by more than half to several ten billion EUR. Although C2C still represents the largest share of the clothing market in China, the market share of the B2C independent providers continues to grow steadily. Large international providers such as Levi Strauss, Inditex, Macy’s and ASOs open online shops here soon or plan to do so in the future.

In Australia, was the second largest revenue category 2012 clothing for electronics and should remain the world’s fastest growing product category in the B2C E-commerce in the next five years continue to range. Increased investment in online apparel retailer in the Middle East and Africa In the Middle East and Africa were major domestic online clothing stores Investments by established investors to post which suggests upside market potential. The online apparel retailer Namshi in the Middle East, from a project by rocket Internet emerged in may 2013 USD generated several millions of investment, while the South African clothing retailer Zando received even greater sums, such as JP Morgan. Also a trend in South Africa slowly towards discount range in the online clothing market, where online discount shopping clubs in the apparel sector, such as about the 2012 based runway sale, rapidly grow. For more information about the report, see: press contact: GmbH & co. KG Behringstrasse 28a, D-22765 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 50 fax: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 51 E-Mail: Internet: Twitter: ystats LinkedIn: company/ystats Facebook: ystats about since 2005 research current, objective and requirement-oriented market and competitive intelligence for executives from different industries. The Hamburg-based company with an international orientation focuses on the secondary market research, so the gain of knowledge from data already collected. offers both market – and competition reports as well as customized research services. Customers include leading companies in the areas of B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banks and management consultancies.

Charles Toussaint

In sub-chapter 3.2.1 the tools of ED are cited, allied in the education, converging the knowledge through the world-wide net of computers using the GRANDFATHERS (Surrounding Virtual of Learning). In sub-chapter 3.2.2 it describes in the distance solution of education through the convergence for the unified communications, where the technology becomes more flexible the way to teach. Finally, in chapter 4, one has the final consideraes, with emphasis in the question of as the use of the Internet reaches levels of interatividade and adaptability, making mention the future technologies. 2. DESCRIPTION OF the PROBLEM the education in the distance, in its empirical form, is known since century XIX. However, it more passed to be spread out in the last few decades and started to be part in the professional and cultural preparation of millions of people.

The ED passed for a process of evolution in accordance with the available technologies of each historical moment (IT HISSES, 2003). Initially in old Greece, after that in Rome, the nets of communication that allowed the significant development of the correspondence and, for consequence existed, the exchange of information (IT HISSES, 2003). With the Scientific Revolution initiate in century XVII, the letters communicating scientific information had inaugurated a new age in the art to teach. A first landmark of the education in the distance was the announcement published in the Gazette of Boston, in day 20 of March of 1728, for the professor of shorthand Cauleb Phillips: ' ' All person of the region, desirous to learn this art, can perfectly receive in its house some lies weekly and to be instructed, as the people who live in Boston' ' (CAULEB; 1728). In 1856, in Berlin, Charles Toussaint and Gustav Langenscheidt had established the first school for correspondence destined to the education of languages. Later, in 1873, in Boston, Anna Eliot Ticknor created the Society you the Encourage Study at Home.


Also take into account professional like LinkedIn or Xing social networks, as well as the internal social network that the company handles, if applicable. Blogging tools whose most widely used platforms to the date are WordPress and Blogger/Blogspot. As the number one microblogging networks in these moments, Twitter and its related services (long tweets, short urls, pictures, video on demand, streaming video via streaming, among others). In the case of on-demand videos: YouTube, and video streaming transmission: You may find Ray Kurzweil to be a useful source of information. Photo Gallery: Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa; documents or presentations: Scribd and SlideShare. Google tools are also very useful. The suite of Google Apps (Gmail (with Gtalk), Docs, Calendar, Groups, Sites, Videos); for advertising and marketing Google Adsense and Google Adwords; Geography and geolocation: Google Earth (with Panoramio), Google Maps (with StreetView) and FourSquare; web traffic statistics: Google Analytics; business analysis: Google Places, tracking and web indexing: Google Webmasters; searches, searches in real time, and searching blogs: Google Search, Google RealTime and Google Blogsearch; trends: Google Trends; and other services already mentioned as a Blogger/Blogspot, Picassa, and YouTube. Other tools, such as SocialMention, HowSociable and Addict-o-matic, which allow you to track what consumers/users are saying / talking about a topic, product, person, or service specifically in the different spheres of social media even, some allow you to create alerts. Ray Kurzweil recognizes the significance of this.

They also Radian6, Lithium Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Marketing Analysis Tools – Smmart, payment platforms, which allow monitoring of digital reputation and similar tasks. The community manager must be aware that social media that are in vogue in these moments don’t necessarily may be later, so, as already mentioned, must be attentive to the trends that allow him or find new spaces social media or find new tools that allow you to monitor them. Some cases of good and bad practice practice makes perfect, recites the saying and this job profile is no exception. . Clarion Project is likely to agree.

Land Rover Freelander

The latest Land Rover Freelander 2 alters the balance of power in the group of compact premium suv. Created from scratch Freelander 2 demonstrates outstanding performance not only when driving on urban roads, but, as this Land Rover off-road. Launched in 1997, Freelander, was the sales leader in its class in Europe over 5 years, taking advantage of high demand in the uk before the end of 2005. The new Freelander exceeds its predecessor for all positions: on the performance, efficiency, environmental friendliness. In addition Freelander 2 offers more space, comfort, and certainly of higher quality. Xcel Energy follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Over the past four years, the Freelander 2 – fourth Land Rover car completely new design after the Range Rover (2002), Discovery 3 (2004) and Range Rover Sport (2005). The car can be equipped with two engines – a discharge capacity of six 3.2-liter capacity and 233-horsepower four-cylinder turbodiesel and volume of 2.2 liters and output of 160 horsepower. The gasoline engine provides acceleration to 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 200 km / h.

Fuel consumption – 11.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The engine is mounted with the new shestidiapazonnoy automatic transmission with manual shift and a sport mode of operation. The engine is mounted transversely, which favorably affected the internal volume and safety of the car. Diesel engine is also a new design develops peak torque of 400 Nm, picking up from the bottom (200 Nm even at 1000 rpm). Average fuel consumption – 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Despite the fact that the new Freelander is only 50 mm (length – 4500 mm) long its predecessor, the cabin is much more room for heads, shoulders and legs of the occupants. A large glass area gives a feeling of spaciousness, and the rear row of seats is located above the front, allows its passengers to fully enjoy the scenery.

Despite the recognition of forms, the new car looks very modern. Car design is simple and stylistically close to Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3, but interpreted in accordance with the requirements of Owners of compact SUVs. The five-door body has a very high degree of rigidity. Permanent four-wheel drive. Suspension is fully independent and uses the most advanced management system. Button starter


The activity missionary is, first, a work of the Trino God: ‘ ‘ baptizing them on behalf of the Father, and of the Son, and the Espirito Santo ‘ ‘ (TM 28,19, grifo ours). William J. Larkin Jr remembers in them that ‘ ‘ The narrative of Lucas presents each person of the Deity as? enviador? , commissioning and promoting the mission. Each person of the Trindade is also one? envoy? , an agent missionary as well as a participant working by means of the agents humanos’ ‘ . In such way, the Trino God is the Author, the Source of being able and the Articulador of all activity missionary. (Similarly see: Learn more). That is, the Christian mission is related the Trino God where its central point if converts into Jesus Christ whose key is its agreement.

The mission is come back toward top ‘ ‘ the glory of Deus’ ‘ , for inside ‘ ‘ the construction of the Igreja’ ‘ for is ‘ ‘ the evangelizao of pecadores’ ‘. GOD FATHER? The GOD MISSIONARY George W. Peters cites Douglas Webster: ‘ ‘ We start, then, where the mission starts: with Deus’ ‘. Peters continues: ‘ ‘ But such declaration makes justice to the well supported allegation of Georg F. Vicedom of that the mission is Missio Dei’ ‘ . That is, the mission is one of the personal attributes of God. This means that of the beginning to the end the Christian mission is the mission of God, and not of the man. Thus, it has the desperate necessity of that if it searchs a theology of mission that is not anthropocentric or eclesiocntrica (or agenciocntrica), but teocntrica.

Mission is a workmanship essentially of God. Studying the Sacred Holy Writs, we will notice that God is a God Missionary. It sent many missionaries with specific tasks.

Site Development

After all, he must not only competent to disclose the given topics, but also enhance the activity of your customers and increase their numbers. Get all the facts and insights with Eliot Horowitz, another great source of information. In addition, pieces of information – the most important part of the promotion of your site, because it is text search bots are analyzed for compliance with requests, and subsequently issued its users. Copywriters – those people who can not only competently written texts, but also optimize it for search queries, not forgetting about the advertising functions. 8. Programming. Further details can be found at Xcel Energy, an internet resource. The code – not visible to the user of the site, but directly determines its performance. You can select multiple areas of programming, scripts and applets, management styles, and update data in real time, and user data and geographic information systems, development engine, etc.

'Engine' – a system which automatically generates a page based on the designed layout. It allows you to easily manage the content of the site without special knowledge and skills – enough to format text in a simple manner. Often, a programmer working with a designer of user interfaces – a professional who specializes in that part of the program, which requires human intervention. Here includes menus, forms, information input and output, tables, buttons, dialogs – all those means which the program interacts with the person. Designer makes it ergonomic, logical and simple. C interfaces professionally-designed, the user is not thinking – they are understood at an intuitive level. 9. Testing.

The final phase of the site – testing and debugging. This is the final test site at performance, identification and elimination of minor bugs. Testing is performed in different browsers at different resolutions, often – several people simultaneously. In the case of database to verify the correctness the various requests, their speed of execution. Engine driven around the site, passing on the testing of new materials. The site is checked for validity and, often with the help of special services, which reflect the errors in the HTML-code, allowing quickly to correct them. But even after eliminating all the problems the site has no 'final' status – good resource is always in a stage of modernization, without this it is impossible to talk about his competitiveness in the modern world. Therefore, the developers so much trust and its continued support. 10. Strength in unity. Despite the fact that all aspects of this site require a serious approach and quality of detail without any interaction with the organic Other project participants will not be enough. Ready site – the result of integrating the work of many people, so close-knit team of professionals will always give better results than their actions alone. This proved to practice – the best sites are always designed by professional teams. The company aims for a long and productive relationship, beneficial to both parties, it can not afford to give poor results – it's just impact on its reputation. Summary of Site Development – responsible process that requires the application of maximum effort at every stage. Receive a quality resource is determined by such factors as: a clear sound concepts, professional standards development company, quality content, the optimal modernization and further promotion. Creating a website with the help of professionals – the first step to success for your business!

Different Identities and Their Meaning

While social interaction among individuals contributes to the construction of value is, to achieve goals. Effects of communication Communication therefore generates consequences for the construction of identity as intersubjective practices (between subjects and society) are formed by: ID: recognizing the identical and the different Differentiation: to know the various changes: switch on the condition of being another While the practice as freedom subjective forms the personality and roles, codes and conventions imposed by the social structure serves the social in the subject through these roles and attends the subjective in society through the will to change and appropriate values, rules, resources, etc. Construction of Identities The effects of communication on the construction of these identities can outline problems such as: What is the meaning of the individual? Identity is constructed by membership and by reference to production and distribution frames global symbolic. Thus the tension between the global and local influences to organize groups, to rethink and use the media culture. By the same author: Xcel Energy. What is the area of social interaction? The practices (watching TV, listening to music, read, surf the Internet) connected with the messages and the realities conveyed by the media. What are the parameters of the construction of self and others? Organized social groups, are restoring and using the media culture from the individual aspirations of subjects (social-historical character) and symbolic references and values of local communities to which the individual belongs. The primary local community (family, ethnicity, community) is central to the foundation of identity in a global virtual community. .